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Devaluation of Propaganda - The Advance on Cyberization Architecture

The machines that advance cities are spawning a new form of Architecture...The destruction creates the new machines that want to design cities, yet we are still under the effect of a battery like culture where we all need charging to continue the function of the Architecture that will defend our cities. The electricity that is being used by the governmental departments churns the economy to create things that are unnecessary and our planet is being consumed until one day it collapses onto itself like a black hole.

The trees you see today are virtual and the mass immigration, due to the war, will populate our society, that will, also at the same time become barbaric. like Conan the destroyer.

The greenery will try to stay in its place, but the mass produced governmental targets for new homes will increase and greenbelts will no longer be green, they will, instead all get an upgrade, just like the ever changing colour of karate belts.

Will we all live in bunkers to escape escapism for the sake of escaping., will there be enough soup down there? will home cooked food disappear, will we have homes left? will our food be protected with padlocks, will Gold be the new precious metal to trade,, for food? will the cardboard boxes become the ever popular temporary housing culture, even if it's for a few nights. Will we continue to socialise to escape our duties? Will the price of food and petrol overtake our existence to see each other? and at the same time will we get fatter behind the computer and give pharmaceutical companies the need to create medication tablets on a mass produced scale?

Yes it's true we won't be able to get away from the machine, it will consume us, we may even end up inside our own Dune of Tron. The computer will suck us into oblivion. As hybrid cars exist, we will become the hybrid humans of the future where we drive like clones with our future self's and follow the roads that the new government has created. Maybe some roads might lead to nowhere, or they may all converge onto the same path, with virtual trees and virtual landscapes paving the way to a new found virtual freedom?

Maybe we won't need land, we just buy it inside a metaverse and the new digital currencies become the future of trading? Maybe hackers release new forms of code to create more than 21,000,000 Bitcoins, so that digital currencies become worthless, that's the new attack the West needs...

At the moment who needs SWIFT anyway? Who knows what the future will entail but we are part of it now, we have become consumed beyond consumerism.

Your present self can write a letter to yourself in the future, try it here at

Yet there is much to do. As the towers that give us the new hybrid propaganda are the new form of metaverse with a modern twist to Orwell's hybrid of 1984. It is becoming ever more apparent that we are the subject to a new form of reality which is overwriting the culture of entire cities, we live with M Night Shyamalan's Village and the red berries that we think might be safe are areas where the sound waves may intersect like the ripples of a silent lake, disturbed by a missile. Are we the future that we seek?

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that We seek...." Barack Obama

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