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About Archi-tekt


Can be defined as natural world, however for Architecture it means- organic, non-organic, technological, ancient, contextual, biological, ritualistic, financial, intellectual, morphic, polymorphic and circumstance.


Archi–tekt partnership Ltd is an RIBA Chartered Practice and ARB registered based in, Birmingham established in 2005.  The northern office in Bradford was set up in 2021.  The practice was established on the principle of design, which focusses on simplicity and attention to detail.  The practice strives to add value to a project from inception to completion while not compromising on quality or customer satisfaction.


The practice has vast experience in different project types such as Education, Retail, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Leisure, Restoration and Conservation.


We offer a wide range of architectural design related services from the smallest of works right through to large-scale projects.  We undertake all drawing work, offering high quality Architectural drawings both planning and construction drawings for your needs.  We are experts in the field of Town/Urban Planning, Project Management, Landscaping, Master Planning, Urbanism, Interior Design, Visualisations and physical model making.


“the fourth force acting on Architecture is Technology. No other art feels its influence so decisively….the prevailing technology changes every few decades. And each time this happens, architecture must – re-invent the expression of the mythic images and values on which it is based upon.”
MASS, Journal of the University of New Mexico, Vol.IX, Spring 1992,p.4-5


“The symbol of education has never been the little Red School houses, but the Guru sitting under the tree”
Thames & Hudson, Charles Correa, Spring 1996, p.18.

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