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The Light Effect....Sir John Soane and Mies Van der Rohe

Above: 89 Apartments under development by the Principle Architect

IT could be classed as a sculpture, with all the bolts connected to the steels in an anology similar to the number of parts needed to create a collection of 9,000 Robert Adam drawings housed by Sir John Soane in his beautiful Museam.

The perspective of the steels seem infinite and one could question mathematical modelling or Googles PageRank algorithm, as the amount of computations required to create such a vast amount of space, which is full of light and pure perfection really could be compared to inspecting holes is a Space X spacesuit.

The space itself resembles the Dulwich Picture Gallery, which with its top-lit galleries, was a major influence on the planning of subsequent art galleries and museums.

The 89 Apartments Archi-tekt partnership is engaged in, is a testament to our satisfied client.

The scaffolding itself could be compared to Filippo Brunelleschi's lantern hoist for the dome of the Florence Cathedral, in which machines are needed to lift the materials to create the Domed structure. (Filippo was know for creating the mathematical technique of linear perspective).

For us Mies influence will form part of this finishing to this building.

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