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Master Planning for Patna, India on the banks of the River Ganges as part of our charitable ethos. The current City lacks sufficient drainage system facilities and the living environment is highly unhygienic. Furthermore, in the first week of 2017, a major religious event will see 5 million pilgrims visiting the site over a 2 month period. This influx provides a challenge and opportunity to undertake regeneration to safeguard and enhance a vast stretch of land of the Ganges, ridding it of pollution as well as reviving the city’s historic repute. It also will give the city an opportunity for new infrastructure, basic sanitation, tourism and overall long term redevelopment, both urban and natural (biodiversity).

The project will entail major beautification in areas adjacent to the sacred Takhat, restoration of bathing ghats, new link roads to the envisaged expressway of Patna Path, necessary car parking, provision of bridges, pedestrian walkways, augmentation of water supply and provision of overhead foot bridges.

Modern Architecture
Modern Architecture
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