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The Secret Echo and the Magic Tree - Oxford Study visit Field Trip 26.08.22-28.02.22

The Secret Echo

Review of: Oxford University Walking Tour With University Alumni Guide

If something is truly beautiful it surely must me magical...So it was a beautiful summers day...and the quint essential Oxfordian brown worn leather boots signified that my tour guide was well into his craft! The meeting time was perfect and exact and after a great breakfast with my friend I was ready to see Oxford by foot....So then came Isaac a great knowledgeable and fun guide to be with. There was intelligence written all about him, I am sure. As an Architect I have never been so impressed by any guide. He was so knowledgeable with dates and facts and told wonderful stories that puts Oxford on the Map, he may be a map maker a connoisseur with a positive and vibrant energy, I have to say Isaac you made my day!! Thank you for showing me Oxford and everything a beautiful city has to offer. The next time I will bring my family and show the kids the colleges they need to aim for! I will go back to Yorkshire remembering the echoed whisper that I felt outside the courtyard outside New College....When you whisper you can hear the concentration of the students even in the courtyard. These buildings are there to inspire great minds and the well designed integrated landscape offer the refuge from the Oxford University Welcome Books. Surely we can all get in...

Even if the Harry Potter tree was in the film for only 3-4 minutes, and yes folks I did have to touch the tree and felt the magical aurora of the tree as a Gardener and as an Architect....

"If we just try that little bit harder..."

...are the words that come to mind from Mavericks Top Gun 2 whilst he reaches just beyond Mach 10 and it can also be said that the magic of the courtyard cannot be denied.

Above: New College Courtyard

Above: Inside Courtyard

Above: The Magical Harry Potter Tree

Above: Inside the dining hall

Above: The Divinity School an Example of European medieval Architecture, built between 1427 and 1483

Above: The Fellowship Courtyard the above building is dedicated to 13 Research Fellows. To join the fellowship you have to be specially invited by a fellow from Oxford University, based on the depth of your research

Above: The Radcliffe Camera built in the Early 1737-49 in the English Palladian Style and part of the Bodleian Libary built by James Gibbs building in Oxford

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