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The Schedulist Society

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

"By all means move at a glacial pace..."

Were the words of editor-in-chief of runway magazine Miranda Priestly played by the wonderful Meryl Streep from the Devil wears Prada. Miranda waited impatiently for her personal assistant Anne Hathaway, who played Andy Sachs a colleague graduate to hand her the seating arrangements for the luncheon presentation.

Organisation, time management, the Devil Wears Prada
Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wears Prada. "Alamy Stock Photo

Andy was well prepared, well dressed, suited and booted and would schedule everything for Miranda, and she learned to be well organised, almost executive like with the powerful fashion house magazine company. Who would not want Andy Sachs as a personal secretary?

Are we all working like in the Devil Wears Prada? are the clients of the future the all powerful hidden designers that know exactly what they want, are Architects the subject of these powerhouses of clientele? surely we can satisfy them all? do we have to look so Sheek? do we need to deliver the first edition of the Harry Potter manuscript's to the kids whilst we dump the medium Sirloin steak in the sink? if we don't hit our targets? so what's your excuse? are we overscheduling the schedule? are you behind schedule again? really?

So I am on the telephone right? and I am asking the caller when I can call back and have the conversation at 10am next week? next week comes and at 10am exactly I leave a message? guess what no one is there? I am sorry I have been busy is all I get, well then that's good for you maaammm, did you know Bill Gates is busy and Madonna is busy also and Barack Obama was also busy, I don't know about the latest President though? maybe he just looks busy?

So let me think of how many different types of organisational journals there are.... shall I start with the classic Filofax? A5 size or A4? leather bound to make me feel good and yes because it is nice just like a Louis Vuitton bag, I am more likely to make my phone available for the Architect, because yes you guys guested it folks I am super organised... but yet I was busy so I could not talk to you ummm.....

Lets write it down somewhere where I will never find the note, better still let me write it down in my other diary because that diary gives me a week at a glance and I can book my appointments and...….. hang on! nothing's going to get in my way this week folks and I will continue to keep writing as that's what scheduling is all about right? how about if I just create a task list to get those tasks done, to then cross them off and feel good again? will that work? and hang on I told the client the price and then guess what? I never heard from them again, I mean the pure waste of time its so pure, that the water on Mount Everest will freeze and a new brahmin will be born.

What a pile of horse**** as my uncle from USA says...maybe he's bored because he lives in the middle of a forest and can't wait to talk to someone just for the sake of talking....another perfect form of time wasting and talking about daily ****. Ok I won't keep going but the sheer waste of time drives me bonkers, and the late Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy would not be happy.

Its also important to journal weather you do it daily or weekly journal helps improve your focus and gives you me time...just for you kind folks I thought I would share with you a page from one of my own journals for that boost that we all need each day...

quotes, phrases, ideas
Personal Journal Notes
Journal, Planning Journal
Extract from the RPM Journal, Anthony Robbins

But lets just forget, (just for a short time) about all this scheduling and choose something that actually works like Anthony Robbins Rapid Planning Method series of journals and planners. Here the results is the outcome and not the task, things to do can be leveraged and an estimated time to do a task can be written in minutes, there's overflow built in and you can have the time to catch up in case of those interruptions that derail your day? so what planner works for you? will you now call the Architects and start to build your dream home? you can schedule it and you can make it big! the call will be worth it? but don't let us down... We need you as just as much you need us, and we will schedule the call on our master planners because like everything else we also have to work with teams and we will find you, we will locate you and we will work with you, so don't try to run as you know deep down that that house extension your dreaming of begins firstly with the pen and the paper and that wonderful phone that you can't live without! Ring Ring!

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