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The Architecture of Construction - Classicism on the classical

A recent project in the making is shown above. The project is a beast, it purely is alive and in the making. What can good Architecture do to the soul? it can obviously full fill your ultimate desires. I will let the picture speak 1000 words and keep things a little more silent than the usually rampage of text. The beauty of the sublime becomes evident with this iconic building project that Archi-tekt Partnership is currently engaged with.

This project encompasses both nature and the context of how a building sits in its landscape.

The ionic columns compete the grandeur on the building and at the same time I have to be critical of our own work. I have to be rational on this, there is no escape even from our own creations. Is it too grand? does the building balance in harmony with the symmetrical appearance? are the columns over powering? do the balconies on the roof want to be more grandeur than the columns? Are we living in the era of Professor James Steven Curl our lecturer from our University days. Mind you he knew and breathed neoclassicism and egyptianism and dressed like a true gentleman he is. He always told us to read more books, because architecture students in those days just skimmed the surface of the books that we judged by there cover.

The issim's continue to this day. I also recently on my travels saw a kabbab shop saying kabbabism? how strange? maybe it was a form of kabbab that became something else through the process of adding other foods to the dish perhaps? well this is another story...

Professor Curl we may have just brought together all the styles of classicism and created a concoction of exuberant proportions that fills the void of the client. But at last a building that works!

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