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The 50/50 Chance - Planning Cocktails

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

What are the chances of getting planning permission? you may ask. you may also ask what guarantee is there? what are the chances of success? Then I will say to you this decision rests with the Local Planning Authority as each site is unique.

The changes of getting planning permission can be compared to the chances of getting knocked down by a beautiful red bus.

Every consultant you say will say that this decision rests with the Local Authority. We are not the Local Authority here, or a part of a newly formed Government, with our own homemade cabinet. Are the Rothchild's controlling the markets? by the way lets be critical about the question, because I enjoy it!

Lets ask these questions:-

  • How long is a piece of string?

  • How big is the Universe?

  • What's beyond the Universe?

  • How infinite is infinity?

  • Does the Architect have Extra Sensory Perceptions? (ESP) neurologically linked to the planning department?

  • Can Architects hear the planners thoughts? ah yes now I can guarantee planning permission!!!

  • What are the chances of meeting a planning lady from a Danielle Steel novel?

  • What are the chances of falling in love again?

  • Will I meet the lady coming out of the library steps? will I bump into her as I am rushing to find the information for planning permission? Will her papers fall? will i then help her put her files in order? will I look into her eyes? will she fall in love with me? Will the answer lie in the Library? Will there all of a sudden now be more architects in the Library?

  • What are the chances that Elle Wood's Graduation Speech in Legally Blond (played by the wonderful and highly intellectual Reese Wetherspoon), will be used in Donald Trumps speech, as confirmed in the highly rated Graham Norton's Show?

  • Have Architect's become Greek Gods?

From the famous HG Wells, I leave you with one thought....

The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one... he said.

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