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The Rational on the Constructivist

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Citizen fighters are the aluminium glazer fitters and the construction workers of Ukraine fighting for there country whilst making molotov cocktails to aid in the defence of there country. They are not afraid to die and the seven bridges that connect the countries are also the entry points of destruction. Kyiv is three times the size of Greater Manchester. So we can actually imagine the size of the city.

To get the tanks to the presidential palace, a city like any European city and like any other modern city, a path of destruction can only occur, you can't get to the palace without major destruction of buildings

It all started with Vladimir Tatlin, a Russian and soviet painter, stage designer and Architect. He became famous for the construction of a model for Tatlin's tower, which was to dwarf the Eiffel Tower. Although it was never built due to the large amounts of steel required for the design, and due to the post revolutionary Russia and the bankrupt era, never the less it represented Soviet Propaganda that can both shape peoples lives both negatively and positively. The towers main form was a twin helix which towered up to 400m in height. The propaganda even in those days was important for the Russians, the inward facing country set its own rules and created its own borders, another period of mass displacement and drifting comes to mind.

What is currently happening with the Russia/Ukraine conflict is because of this propaganda that has evolved from the substance of the laws set by Russia for themselves. The term 'class action is a nice idea, but has no substance' can clearly be stated for Russia. at the end all we all want and deserve is peace. Why not have the Cathedral at the end, because that's where it is all going to lead. Invasion like HG Wells War of the Worlds and the UFO's is prominent on Earth, this time in the form of revolution! and yet it was bacteria that killed the aliens and not artillery or weapons of mass destruction, it was the basic substance that gave life to microorganisms that we have to be afraid of, the silent and deadly weapons we cannot see, especially after the post pandemic era, the new weapons of choice are clearly politics, politics and more politics, The suits and ties here are not the armour anymore but a new face being born behind the mask, this time more akin to a US Senate Hearing, but yes we are too afraid of Russia as they won't stop at anything and all America and the West can do is give it Sanctions, An act of retaliation!

Today the Politician's are dressing up behind their suits as Gerald Butler from Angels have Fallen, whilst Politician's are amongst a Den of thieves, another Butler classic! or maybe the head of tails is on both sides of the coin like in Amita Bucchaans classic 1975 film Sholay and Gabbar Singh may just win with Thakors arms which as he put it 'made to rein in a galloping horse'.

Maybe we all need to dress up with body armour and ex-military clothes and wear suits underneath them! and then underneath the suits we are wearing joggers because that's who we really are folks we are a bunch of people working from home, and the dog has eaten your newspaper because even that cute little puppy of yours is sniffing his way out!

As Architect's do we really need more work? Do we really need to destroy something which is already perfect? we have to deal with ruined cities and landscapes in a mist of absolute chaos.

Maybe certain Russian diplomats are the future Thought Police? Who knows? how can a Parliament decide invasion? Especially a whole parliament? is sanctions really going to do it even if it is SWIFT? the president wants to revive Russian imperialism, but the world has moved on, whilst he also says civilians won't be affected, but what about the mass displacement of population leaving Ukraine, including women and children? and entering Romania? are we not the fathers we were meant to be? I will let you decide...

Bono, Bob Geldof, Tony Blair and someone else

Will political activism save us?

Kazan Cathedral, Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral

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