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Architectural - Inheritance

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The new found wealth left by our grandparents and the old gold of our fathers and mothers of the disappeared is what is left for us. It may be a ruined building, gold in the attic as there are no more safes in banks. The houses of the 1950's on prominent streets and avenues are left for us if we are lucky, or if we have been born with the silver spoon, or we got lucky in education, somehow a private school might be where our children are destined, yet on some of our journeys, the house that has a £750,000 equity or the £1 million pound home that has been left for us by our family, might just be hard to maintain. We have not earned the million pounds, yet we do not even know the value of what earning money looks like.

The new generation of baby boomers won't even spend £25,000 on a new roof, let alone pay attention to the clothes they wear, and yet in their minds they feel rich, so they will end up spending there money on things they don't need to impress people that they don't like. Yep its true I am afraid! the luxurious cars are an excuse to get away from real knowledge, wasn't it Jeff Bezos who drove the Honda Civic when he became a billionaire? Wasn't it Zuckerberg who drives the a twin-turbocharged V12 Pagani Huayra and the Honda Jazz, although he may of dressed up for the President of America, but its the plain clothes humble people that I like, the ones with integrity. I want to really sleep in my office or stand on my desk like Robbin Williams in Dead Poets Society. Then I can understand the value of the pound. Let me ask you kind folks, what do you do with that pound you earn? Do you asset allocate it straight away when you get paid? what are your goals and dreams? will you invest 40% of everything you earn into a monthly income fund like Invesco, or Insight Equity Income Booster Fund Inc.? So your monthly income increases? Remember financial freedom comes when your passive income equals your job income? so build 7 streams of income and stop messing around! work out how your going to do this today. After all Society does not teach you in schools or collages, because your designed to be a barcode for the government system, yes I will be critical.

Remember when a secret government agent dressed in a black suit and a black tie with a white shirt, knocked on President Roosevelts door and he said:

"Hello Mr President, I am here from the government and I am here to save you..."

Nothing really scared Mr Roosevelt, but that just scared the S*** out of him!

Do you write your goals down daily like Grant Cardone says, can you sell like he does? see a live sales session right now...10X your game boys and girls!

How to become a millionaire After watching this completely you should be able to fix your roof and many other things...

The best one so far by Uncle Grant Cardone is, you can get a little bit of GC right here

If you change your target everything changes!

"The single digit millionaire in America can't afford to defend themselves against a personal lawsuit in America!"

The target is clearly $10,000,000, do the maths! i'm going to get a new car?, it's not the watch, its not the car, its the freedom!

Are you making enough calls to get the sales? are you hanging up the phone and wasting time? or redialling straight away and heading for the executives on top of the list for the large Pension funds and selling that policy, signing that contract and getting that sale, like in Will Smiths Pursuit of Happiness?

The new generation don't earn that much, so they can't release equity to fix up their homes. They may end up selling the house altogether and then try to downsize to get to the cash? and then end up spending it, so that in the future they end up in apartment blocks or in urban sprawls.

Some of these houses end up as ghost homes and yet the government have targets for 300,000 new homes to be built per year! Really? do we have to go that far? Can the government really "fix our broken housing market?" The Conservative Government elected in 2017 had a manifesto pledge to meet the 2015 commitment to deliver 1 million homes by the end of 2020 and to “deliver half a million more by the end of 2022.”

"The manifesto said that, if elected, the Government would deliver on the reforms proposed in the 2017 Housing White Paper".

The city is changing, and one could say that an abandoned house could be compared to a derelict gas station. The house will simply rot and collapse onto itself if once does not maintain it!

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