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Architectural Hedging - Rishi Sunak and the New World Order

Upon my previous visit to Oxford University who could of sensed my ESP capabilities That the rise of Englands New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would have had a connection to my previous visit to Oxford (maybe it was the Harry Potter magic tree that did it) when the same Architect that designed New College has also a relationship with Winchester College founded by William of Wkyeham in 1382 and regarded as among the most prestigious in the world. Both the buildings of Winchester and New Collage were designed by Master Mason William Wynford a model for Kings College and Eton College in Cambridge 50 years later.

We could say that this is the rise of Sunakism which could be compared to all the ism's actually out there.... and the GBP gets stronger against the dollar as we speak...

What Obama did for America, Sunak will do for England. The first Hindu Prime Minister who has made history in England and as England once ruled India from 1757 until its independence in August 15th 1947, we could say the 190 years reign could be compared to Gods proportional age deceased of human civilisation after Noah, 150 years after building the Ark, although Noah did live 950 years.

I am wondering if the Foundation Novels of Asimov have brushed off on Sunak? I believe he does have the knowledge as a former Hedge Fund Manager to asset allocate the Countries finances and there is no one else more qualified to do the job, even past the next 2024 General Election. If there is an integration by parts formula right now I would like to see the I enter the substitution so that in this case invert the equation so that we do indeed end up with the same integer after 2024, because Sunak is the Constant that the country needs and the general election should be abolished, after the constant has been introduced, similar to the introduction of gravity or the God Particle.

Is Sunak going to make me the Chancellor now? I have thought about writing to him after the old stamps are made redundant and the new ones are barcoded after October 31st 2022. and yes as I have paid Royal Mail close to the equivalence of a detached house in North Yorkshire (one could only guess what that means) then I deserve to wait like fine wine before I am ready to write that letter, I am not waiting for the priest yet or the constellations of the heavens before me, even though we had Diwali recently and the Indian New Year, but I just need to know how to compose this one like Beethoven or a Kandinsky painting.

Architecture is political and it makes or breaks a country, whoever said politics is separate from Architecture needs to be examined. But hey ho lets go!

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