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Architectural Services - Can I pay for a silk suit for the price of a Polyester?

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Architectural services what are they exactly?

Let us say that to become an Architect takes 7 years in training including 2 years of practical placement.

We may be the most nicest people you might meet on the planet. I am sure we are! We will go beyond the extra mile and as Bono, the world famous lead singer of U2 once said "midnight is where the day begins" which basically means Architect's are prepared to work until midnight or start at midnight, Whilst simultaneously Architectural students at 3am are willing to walk into the twenty four hour access system into Edinburgh Universities Architecture department, to develop an idea, and on the other side of the Atlantic have the security guard follow you across the Architecture Studios at Yale University where Louis I. Khan from 1947 to 1957....once taught..... it all depends on your point of view.

How far do you exactly want to go? we hope you can go as far as the eye can see, so that we can help you realise your dreams and ours! yes you may just inspire us even further!

The service we provide is in direct proportion to the quality required, and for us we value the needs of our clients. So if you want the price of a high quality building we can tailor make it to your needs and equally provide you the high quality service that all our designs demand, after all who wants drawings that look like they were done or eaten by the dog? and there is a difference as Jim Carey says of "imagining being eaten by the dog and actually being eaten by the dog."

According to William J. Mitchell from the book City of Bits, "no one on the internet knows that your a dog" Similarly when you want your accounts done, you go to the accountant and not the bookkeeper.

If a job takes 30 minutes to do, it took us 7 years of training to do that job in 30 minutes, your not paying for the time but for the experience it took to do that job in 30 minutes.

Our planning application drawings can take up to a few weeks to complete, however,

you are also paying for us to take care of all the administration that nobody sees behind the bright red coloured doors and the political red tape that comes from being an Architect. Yes we will take care of all the headache with the planners, and all consultants to aim towards that valuable planning permission which will add value to your property and we will look forward to that added value. So if you want the silk suit, pay the price and we will do it, to the professional ability that the profession demands, We don't want to give you a dog like drawing, but rather a drawing for your builder/contractor who will enjoy the building process and in turn build your project for you to surely enjoy!

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